About Us

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Our Values

Trustworthy, reliable & accurate expertise

High impact, sustainable development solutions

Innovative & Bold

Relevant, Locally engaged & culturally competent

Transparent & Ethical

Efficient & Professional

Meaningful partnerships


Our Vision

To be the industry leader and trailblazer for the philanthropy sector in Central America. To have a proven track record of creating meaningful outcomes.


Our Mission

To support grassroots nonprofits in creating a brighter future for Central American communities by guiding donors on their philanthropic journey, making a meaningful and lasting impact.

Our Staff

Harriette Rothwell

Harriette Rothwell

Founder & Director

Harriette has 12 years experience in project and donor management for the non-profit sector in many Latin American countries.

Harriette has an MSc in NGOs and Development from the London School of Economics where she won the Loch Exhibition Prize for Achievement.

Harriette oversees operations and the talented team at Pionero in order to ensure its vision and mission become a tangiable reality.

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Emma Bourke

Donor Relations Manager

Emma has experience in the corporate world working as a commercial lawyer for a global law firm, as well as working for a non-profit organisation in Beijing, China. She has expertise in client services and a unique understanding of both corporate needs and non-profit operations.

Emma holds a Bachelor of Laws (with Honours) and a Bachelor of Business (with Credit) from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. She is dedicated to facilitating a connection between those in need with those who want to help, and creating meaningful and lasting relationships.


Asia Blackwell

Head Researcher

Asia holds two BAs in Anthropology and Gender Studies from Indiana University, where she is currently pursuing her MPA in Nonprofit Management from The O’Neil School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Asia has over 10 years experience in the nonprofit/ development sectors, including 2 years in the Peace Corps’ Maternal and Child Health project in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Asia conducts research and coordinates institutional partnerships in order to bridge the gap in knowledge of the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors in Latin America.