Our Mission

Pionero Philanthropy connects corporate and individual donors with outstanding causes in Latin America in order to implement exceptional and effective philanthropic programs that achieve results which are mutually beneficial. 

About Pionero's Founder:

Harriette Rothwell
Harriette Rothwell

Harriette Rothwell has 12 years experience and expertise in project and donor management for the non-profit sector in many Latin American countries including Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile and Mexico.

Harriette has an MSc in NGOs and Development from the London School of Economics where she won the Loch Exhibition Prize for Achievement and a BSc in International Management and Modern Languages (Spanish) from Bath University.

Harriette is passionate about making a difference through connecting outstanding, otherwise unknown causes in Latin America with philanthropists who are looking to make a meaningful impact.

Our Story...

Whilst working in Latin America, Pionero's founder encountered the following facts everywhere she went:

FACT 1.)      There is a large number of exceptional causes in Latin America that face issues such as a lack of website, contacts, time and communication ability.

FACT 2.)      There are so many philanthropists looking to make a difference who DON'T KNOW that these amazing causes exist.

FACT 3.)      That if these philanthropists knew more about the causes and could connect, everyone would benefit!


It became clear that an organization like Pionero is the MISSING LINK.


See below to see how Pionero provides the solution to the problems faced by foreign donors and Latin American causes