Cause Selection

There are 15,000 causes operating in Guatemala alone (Lizerazgoguatemala,2013) . This means that..

...there are at least 300,000 causes in Latin America

That's a lot of choice!


Let Pionero help you choose the right one for you or your company. 


For Companies

Cause Selection

Pionero has thousands of amazing causes of all types in its comprehensive database, each one vetted against our vigorous criteria.

 Cause themes range from Youth Empowerment, Health and Animal Welfare to Education and Conservation causes.

We guarantee that we have, or will find, the right cause that matches your company objectives and values.

We physically visit and check each cause to ensure they are efficient, transparent, in need of support and of high impact.

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For Individuals

Cause Selection

You know the theme focus and/or the Latin American country you want to support but now need some specific cause recommendations that have been professionally verified.

Let us give you the best cause options based on your preferences, our experience and our comprehensive vetting process!


On our huge and growing database of causes there is guaranteed to be a cause that fits your values and objectives.

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