Project Design & Implementation


Project Design & Implementation

for Companies


Your company has a specific project but needs some logistics advice?

Your company knows it's broad focus but wants to know the different philanthropy options available?

Need boots on the ground to make it happen according to your corporate vision and values?

Need trusted Project Management experts with experience in Latin America to ensure your project runs efficiently?

Our consultants are well versed in how things work, timescales, logistics and culture in Latin America so are best placed to implement and design your projects with efficiency and accuracy. They know how to make your vision possible! 

    Corporate Philanthropy Programs we can help with:

    • Fundraising Matches
    • Dollars for Doers
    • Payroll Deductions
    • Annual Grant Stipends
    • Internal Employee Fundraising
    • Annual Giving
    • Corporate Service Trips
    • Short - long term funded projects and programs
    • Days of Service
    • Material /Product Donations
    • Incentive Trips
    • Matching Gifts

    Project Design and Implementation

    for Individuals

    You're clear on the key issue you want to address but need help making it happen in Latin America.

    Perhaps you want to know the different options available?

    Pionero's consultants have decades of experience running project logistics in their respective Latin America countries so know how to make your unique vision a reality.

    Pionero will design and implement your project based on it's years of know-how with no fuss, we will take care of the all the details and you can be as involved in the process as you want!